AM or FM, radios are the most common wireless communications device on the face of the planet. In fact, way back in its early history, the term for radio was "wireless," which now denotes an entire industry! We take them for granted, these little radios, finding them playing in cars, homes and offices, tagging along with joggers, tradesmen and teenagers after school.

     In fact, the lowly radio we see so much of today is the heart of virtually every "wireless" device we see for sale today. Cellular phones, pagers, televisions, wireless LANs, most everything "wireless" (with the exception of infrared devices) uses radio to get from here to there. The funny thing is: most every kind of radio transmitting device uses some form or variation of either AM or FM to do its job.

     As far as the manufacturing of a radio goes, usually all Radio designs are first sketched. During the sketching phase careful attention is made with respect to the shape and size of the circuit board.  Now the graphic designer takes the sketch and turns it into a graphical image.  From the image a clay mold is made.  This clay mold is then used in the manufacturing of millions of micro radios. From the molding process we go to the painting and silkscreening of the radio. After a radio is packaged it is then shipped out to the printer or wholesaler to where a businesses's corporate logo is added.

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