This is the most complex process and requires the most quality control.  It consists of 2 sub-processes assembly of the electronics and then the mechanical parts.



   The first part of the process starts with quality control.The chip set or IC is randomly tested for defects on our testing equipment. This is the most important part of the radio.

   We also test other parts such as the earphones, capacitors, transistors, and resistors for defects. The circuit board hoses all the internal electronic parts.These internal parts are placed in their proper position on the circuit board and then the workers solder the parts into position.

   As the part moves through the assembly line the circuit board takes shape. The last worker in the assembly line solders the earphones and antenna to the circuit board creating a functionally operational radio.The radio is then electronically tested for functionality.  Then they are counted and placed in bins.





   In this assembly line the electronics are mounted to the casing. Before this can be accomplished there is some minor pre-assembly of the parts.Normally the mechanical parts are positioned in place and assembled with screws.

   Once minor assembly is completed the finished electronic circuit board is then mounted to the radio casing and then enclosed with screws to complete the radio.





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